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One foot in the past, another in the present and looking to the future, Delvert Mécanique keeps its expertise since 1960 while inventing the manufacturing of tomorrow.
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Everyone working in the team has been fully trained and possesses great versatility. Together, they have achieved impressive results in terms of performance and have reached a stage where the quality of the finished products is exceptional, including even the most complex of parts.

We are permanently confronted by tough constraints and requirements, so we are now used to dealing with urgent requests, finding specific solutions and developing prototypes. Consequently, we are fully equipped to cater for the production of single parts, medium and larger series. In addition, we are able to work within relatively short timeframes.

The domains of defense, electronics and sports car, are fields of activity which need to be worked on with great discretion. Our complete I.T. System is under high and constantly-updated security. All new staff are immediately informed of the company culture which is to keep their work confidential and secret because we work hand in hand with companies that focus on innovation.
More than 20 CNC machines
5 axes Turning and milling
Special processes
heat treatment
Laser marking


Notre projet « Procédé d’usinage du futur » a bénéficié du programme FEDER (Fonds Européen de développement Régional) et a été cofinancé par l’Union européenne et la Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine dans le cadre de ce programme. 
Les différentes actions de ce projet portent sur la modernisation d’un procédé de fabrication, avec l’investissement dans un nouveau moyen à commande numérique, l’acquisition d’un tour 5axes et d’un moyen de contrôle adapté, la digitalisation de l’organisation garant de la performance future. 

Manager: Damien Delvert 
Delvert Mécanique 
ZI Escudier 
19270 Donzenac 

Tel: +33 5 55 92 18 18